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Data Governance Analyst
Role/Title: -  Data Governance Analyst
Hybrid, Richmond, Virginia
Agency Interview Type: Web Cam Interview Only

• Onsite 2 days/Week
• Duration expected: 6 mo C-H is the expectation for this role
• Parking not provided for contractors
• Ideal candidate shall be eligible for a 6-month Contract to Hire option (sponsorship is NOT provided by the agency). Those interested and eligible for a contract to hire role is the preference of the agency mgr. The expectation of this role will be 6 mo Contract to Hire (sponsorship is not available and agency requires they be USC or Green Card Holders only, bc of the 6 month hire timeline). Before submitting, pls confirm: is your candidate interested and eligible for a contract to hire role?
• Pls note: The full-time offer is NOT guaranteed. The contractor still would need to apply and qualify through the interview process with the agency and be offered the Full-time role.
• IDEAL CANDIDATE:  demonstrated experience developing and implementing data quality standards and processes along with experience assisting in data reconciliation and validation checks across various systems. This must be reflected on their resume and they must be able to speak to this experience if an interview is requested. 

Job Description
Data Governance Analyst to enable operationalization and implementation of Data Governance process 
KEY RESPONSIBILITIES: The Data Governance Analyst will work with the team to strategically build data policy, define, implement and operate 

Data Governance at DBHDS. This individual will manage and monitor data quality, data definition, and data lineage requirements in order to ensure that the company’s data is fit for purpose.

REQUIRED YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: 10+ in the following:
Other responsibilities are listed below.
• Analyzes data to provide insights for decision-making.
•Create Data policy, Operationalize Data Policy, Come out with KPI's in support of Data Policy
• Supports the implementation of data governance processes.
• Monitors and ensures data quality and integrity.
• Develops and implements data quality standards and processes.
• Collaborates with other IT teams to ensure data integration and consistency.
• Maintain repository of Data Governance policies, procedures and standards with appropriate version control
• Work with Data Governance Manager during onboarding new applications under governance and provide support during operationalization
• Provide support to Data Governance Stewards during data profiling activities
• Assist in data reconciliation and validation checks across various systems
• Come up with initial proof of concepts for data that needs to be merged from multiple systems and define the business benefits of moving towards a consolidated source
• Assist in documenting document data lineage/data flows
• Assist in capturing business glossary/data dictionary and metadata lineage information
• Work with IT teams to enforce ILM processes and procedure
• This individual is also responsible for assisting in data reconciliation and validation checks across various systems

Skills Matrix
Data Policy /Procedure creation Required 10 Years
Data Analysis Required 10 Years
Experience with Data Lineage / Cataloging Required 10 Years
Proficiency with SQL Required 10 Years
Datawarehouse Experience Required 10 Years
Requirements Elicitation Required 10 Years
Experience with Databases(Relational databases, SQL Server, Oracle , Snowflake etc) Required 7 Years

Thanks & Regards
Manala Priyanka
US IT Recruiter
Lucid Technologies Inc
Email: priyanka.m@lucidtechinc.com