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Performance Data Engineer
Job Title: Performance Data Engineer
Location (Raleigh RITSC South Bldg., 4110 Wake Forest Rd),

Performance Data Engineer - Senior (Raleigh):- In the office for first 2 months (Raleigh RITSC South Bldg., 4110 Wake Forest Rd), then remote 3 days a week and 2 days in the office

Under general supervision, responsible for product support and maintenance of the data warehouse. Performs data warehouse design and construction. Codes and documents scripts and stored procedures. Designs and implements data strategy methods. Develops appropriate programs and systems documentation. Assists with metadata repository management. Prepares and implements data verification and testing methods for the data warehouse. Creates index and view scripts. Performs all functional duties independently. Works on high-visibility programs, or mission critical aspects of assigned program(s). Oversees the efforts of direct reporting resources and/or is responsible for the efforts of all staff assigned to a specific job.

Required Skills/Experience:

Specific abilities for the Performance Data Engineer:
The knowledge, skills, and abilities with the Teradata relational database must be far and above that typically found in application developers. Significant experience with the Teradata optimizer is required; the ability to read SQL “explain” plans and take action to effectively utilize the massive parallel nature of the database engine. A thorough understanding of the internal “DBC Accounting” information is expected in order to effectively measure the performance of application code.

Specific ability with the following languages, tools and utilities is required:
  • Ab Initio ETL Coding in GDE
  • Ab Initio Metadata Hub Lineage 
  • Ab Initio TRMC 
  • ANSI SQL and Teradata SQL extensions
  • Teradata SQL Assistant (a.k.a. QueryMan) for EDS Support

Teradata Utilities for EDS Support:
  • BTEQ
  • FastLoad
  • MultiLoad
  • FastExport
  • TPump

Azure/Databricks Support:
  • Cloud operations
  • Cloud Governance
  • Data Engineering
  • Platform Engineering
  • Data Integration
  • Data Observability
  • AI/ML

In addition, the following UNIX skills are required:
  • UNIX commands and concepts in order to navigate source code directories, find error logs, perform impact analysis assessments, edit code, version files
  • Linux Shell scripting in order to read and create driver scripts

In addition, the following Ab Initio skills are required:
  • A working knowledge of how Ab Initio conducts data extract, transformations, and loading – especially to and from Teradata
  • Development of graphs, plans, PSETs and how to develop tests and debug
  • PDL scripting

Additional Required Skills/Experience:
  • A minimum of ten (10) years experience in software development or related field, with at least 5 years in a data warehouse environment and/or related field ; 
  • A degree from an accredited College/University in Software Engineering,  Computer Science, or related discipline is preferred; 
  • Able to perform all functional duties independently on high-visibility programs, or mission critical aspects of a given program; 
  • Able to oversee the efforts of direct reporting resources and/or be responsible for the efforts of all staff assigned to a specific job; 
  • Experience training/mentoring less experienced personnel; 
  • Extensive experience with data warehouse design, construction, and/or maintenance, to include design and implementation of data strategy methods, coding and documentation of scripts and stored procedures, and creation of index and view scripts; 
  • Extensive experience with development of data warehouse program and system documentation; 
  • Able to assist with metadata repository management; 
  • Extensive experience preparing and implementing data verification and testing methods for data warehouses; 
  • Able to obtain Postal clearance; 
  • Excellent communication skills.

Additional Provisions:
  • Pass both a client mandated clearance process to include drug screening, criminal history check and credit check.
  • Once candidate’s resume is approved and interview passed, the agency is responsible for providing drug screening. Failure to submit the drug screening results will delay the security clearance process.
  • If a candidate is given an interim clearance, continuation of employment is then based on the candidate receiving a sensitive clearance.
  • All candidates must be a US Citizen, or have permanent residence status (Green Card).
  • Candidate must have lived in the US for the past 5 years.
  • Cannot have more than 6 months travel outside the United States within the last five years. Military Service excluded. (Exception does not include military family members.) 
  • All overtime must be pre-approved in writing by the client manager or his/her designated representative.
  • Agency will not be reimbursed for overtime charges without previous written authorization. Authorized overtime will be reimbursed at straight time.
Thanks & Regards,
Chandrasekhar Kandi
Lead Recruiter
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